J’ai déjà le Permis de possession et d’acquisition d’arme à feu (PPA) mais je veux le Certificat du chasseur :

Si vous avez complété le CCSMAF au Québec*, vous devez simplement suivre le cours suivant :

  • IHF (Initiation to hunting with firearms)




If you completed the CFSC in another province *, you may apply for a Quebec Hunter's Certificate by crediting this course, and you will only have to complete the IHF course. In this case, you must send us a copy of the RCMP 5484 / CAFC 332 form (CFSC Report), which has been completed, signed and provided to you by the CFSC instructor. Contact Sécurité nature to check for the validity of your document and confirm if you still need to register with the CFSC or not.


* If you only did the exam (challenged test), it is not valid. You must have also completed the course.

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