The Quebec hunter's certificate to hunt with a firearm.

You must take the following two courses (over two days):

  • CFSC (Canadian Firearms Safety Course)
  • IHF (Initiation to Hunting with Firearms)


Certification obtained following the success of these two courses :


The Quebec Hunter and Trapper's Certificate is a document issued by the ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP). You must present it when you buy a hunting license from a sales agent approved by the MFFP. It is obtained automatically after completing the CFSC and IHF joint courses in Quebec, or after completing the ICAA course .

The Hunter's Certificate carries codes that allow you to hunt with specified hunting gear :

  • code F : firearm; (Code obtained following successful CCSMAF-ICAF joint courses)
  • code B : crossbow;
  • code A : bow AND crossbow.

These codes are also found on your hunting license.

The Hunter Certificate (or the Certificat de réussite) is also required in Quebec to complete a Firearms Possession License (PPA) application form.


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