Retake a Failed Exam

Only the theoritical and practical exams of the Canadian firearm safety course can be retake at a lower cost. The other courses must be taken again completly. 

Test duration : Approx. an hour
Coût : $ 64 (including taxes)


These tests are only intended for people who have followed the CFSC in Quebec but who have failed the theoretical exam and / or the practical exam. Since June 18, 2015, the exam challenge is no longer accepted. You should only repeat the test that you failed and that is specified in the failure letter you received from Sécurité nature. This letter is necessary to complete your registration for the retest. Following your registration, you will receive details of the location and time of your exam(s). During the exam, you will need to have photo ID, as well as your Sécurité nature failure letter. If you no longer have this letter in your possession, call toll free 1-888-LAFAUNE (1-888-523-2863) or contact us by email at

NB: The fixed cost of $ 59,25 (taxes included) is applicable whether you have one or two tests to retake.

RCSFC Exam schedule by region

RCFSC exam schedule by region

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